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A Return to Real Cooking follows Galton's first book Cooking With Morston Hall and is filled with simple instructions, mouthwatering ingredients, inspiring meals and a passion for cooking. Galton explains in this book how his critically acclaimed cooking has evolved by following a simple cooking philosophy that he believes in passionately - a philosophy that is all about using fresh, seasonal, locally sourced produce to create simple yet stunning meals.

About the Book

So what exactly do I mean by a return to real cooking. For me real cooking involves using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients of the highest quality and cooking them as simply as possible. It’s simple things done well rather than complicated things done badly that really interests me.

When I analyse how my own style of cooking has changed over the years that I have been running Morston Hall, it is quite an eye opener.  In hindsight I believe some of my early menus were too complicated – fussy dishes to which I added ingredients just because they were there.  Nowadays I will deliberately leave things out of a dish to allow the main ingredient to shine.An important aspect of this book is that I am confident the recipes will work well at home.  

Every one of these recipes has been tested by friends and family in their own homes, with huge enthusiasm and without any problems arising. We have taken note of their comments and where appropriate adjusted the recipes for home use.   What’s more, many of these recipes can be prepared partly or wholly in advance, which is a tremendous bonus for hassle-free entertaining. Please don’t be frightened to substitute if you need to, if the recipe says to use a shallot and you only have a small onion, that’s perfectly fine.  

If you have some chicken stock, rather than beef stock, then use that instead.  I have made every effort in this book to avoid using any weird and wonderful ingredients that may be very hard to track down.I hope you enjoy the book and share my passion for a return to real cooking.

About Galton Blackiston

Galton Blackiston has been chef patron at the Michelin-starred Morston Hall for 25 years. In 1999 the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star, an accolade it has retained ever since.

His beloved restaurant and hotel on the north Norfolk coast is a stone’s throw from the water. Seafood has always been a part of Galton’s story and the opening of No1 Cromer, a modern take on the traditional fish and chip restaurant, has established him as one of the UK's leading seafood chefs.

When he was just 17, Galton ran a food stall on Rye Market selling a range of homemade cakes, biscuits and preserves, known as ‘Galton’s Goodies’, that proved such a success that he would frequently sell out by lunchtime. Realising that his talents lay firmly in cooking, he decided to focus on a career as a chef.

After stints working in London, New York, South Africa and Canada, Galton and his wife, Tracy, set about finding a suitable location to fulfil their dreams. They eventually found Morston Hall, a picturesque flint-knapped farmhouse now with 13 deluxe rooms and a restaurant. Since they opened Mortson, it has enjoyed an impressive 22 years in the Good Food Guide, and is widely considered to be a jewel in the crown of Norfolk’s up-and-coming food scene.

It’s one thing to run a successful Michelin-starred restaurant and retain the star year after year. It’s another thing entirely to branch out and open a takeaway, but this sort of challenge makes Galton the chef he is. His great desire is to bring good food to his customers – whether they are gastronomes, or holidaymakers wanting traditional fish and chips.

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